The Nullarbor Links concept is unique. The 18-hole par 72 golf course spans 1,365 kilometres with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway, from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. The Nullarbor Links concept was developed to complement and enhance the tourism experience along the Eyre Highway, by providing travelers with an additional attraction.

The project marries tourism, the world's largest industry, with golf, one of the world's most popular sports! The course provides a much needed activity along the Highway, and slows traffic down to encourage visitors to stay longer & spend more time discovering this unique region. The course provides a quintessential Australian experience and a much-needed activity/attraction for travellers along the renowned desolate highway.

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Par 4 - 315 metres. Located at Eucla Golf Club, ample parking available.

As with many (most) of the holes along the Nullarbor Links Golf Course, our "Nullarbor Nymph" Hole #7 includes a green and tee, and a somewhat rugged outback-style natural terrain fairway. Eucla's #7 hole is also part of the historically iconic Eucla Golf Course, which when the town was thriving, was a meeting / sporting place for many of the local community.

You can have your Nullarbor Links Score Card stamped by us at the Eucla Motel. Nullarbor Links Score Cards can only be purchased from either the Kalgoorlie, Norseman or Ceduna Visitor Centres (start or finish of the course - depending on the direction of travel). On completion of the course take your completed and stamped card to either Kalgoorlie or Ceduna Visitor Centres and receive your free Nullarbor Links Certificate. These cannot be issued unless the score card is completed and stamped at each hole along the way...

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